Tim’s got an LE – in the family for 22 years!

Hi Chris.

My name is Tim Kneebone and I love your site.

I myself own a HX LE Monaro. Which surprises most people as I am only 18 years old. I inherited it from my dad who gave it to me for my 18th birthday.

She is a bit knocked up as it has been the family car and has been driven everyday for 22 years. But it is still in great condition.

The motor has been fully restored and all the problems or damage is purely cosmetic. I would love to share her with other LE lovers and if possible seek and gain advice to help me restore her.

I am not a big car person, I know nothing about them except how to enjoy them. Please email me at tmk27790@hotmail.com.

Thank you,


One thought on “Tim’s got an LE – in the family for 22 years!”

  1. hi,we have a 76 le and fully restored over the last 19 odd years or so,only 80.000 kms sorry i cant figure out the modern fangled stuff to post photos, i will endevour to get the kids to do so, keep in touch, rob.
    ps,also got totaly original 73 ls hq monaro daily driver material but trapped in the shed as the boats in the way but now and then the old girl gets out.

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