Tim’s Le Monaro Restoration Project – Phase 2


Just thought I’d keep you up to date with the restoration of my LE and tell you all about getting it back…

On Friday, the 4/9/2009, after seven months of waiting anxiously I finally got my LE back from the first stage of restoration! The car has been completely panel beated, rust repaired, straightened, taken back to bare metal, chemically cleaned, rust-proofed, painted beautifully and buffed. And it looks gorgeous!

Tims le front on

The car was handed over to me at 6pm on friday and even in the black of night it looked great, I was totally speechless. My friend, whose father was doing the restoration for me, asked if he could join me on the maiden voyage, which was down to the local petrol station and back. Of course I welcomed him to. So after firing the tough as nails 5.0 litre beast up for the first time in seven months on the first try, pulling it out onto the street and having a drooling seshion and chat for five minutes we set off.

Tim?s Le Monaro Restoration Project - Phase 2

I have to tell you that after waiting so long to drive the thing again it was an amazing feeling, I must of said “oh my god” like fifteen times in the space of five minutes just because I had nothing else to say. Anyway back to the story, my friend and I were just rounding the second corner turning right and we heard a sloshing sound of water and all of a sudden the passenger side under the dash completely filled with water and flooded the carpet! We had no idea what was going on so we decided to turn back and check it out.

Tims Le Monaro restoration project 5

When we pulled up my friends father was surprised to see us back so soon. We quickly filled him in on the situation. He suddenly realised the water was from when he washed the car that afternoon. It was because the heater coil was broken and removed to be repaired that when he washed the car the cavity where the coil used to be filled with water and as soon as we turned right it pooled to that side of the car and came through into the cabin. So we laid a towel down to soak up the water and continued on our way to the petrol station, luckily the rest of the journey was problem free and I got it home without any more dramas.

I spent all of Saturday just admiring the car and, of course after seven months of sitting still and not hearing the sound of that beautiful 308 engine, I took it for a good long cruise. With the beautiful fresh twopac paint and the shiny buffed up chrome and stainless steel it certainly turned a lot of heads.

I have included some pictures of the LE. I am now gathering funds to start the second phase of the restoration which will include; the purchase, painting and fitting of a front spoiler, the pinstripes reapplied and the Honeycombs resprayed. Then I will set to work on the damaged interior.

Thanks – Tim