LE Monaro Tattoo

Um, wow.

Ok. I thought I was probably being a little over-enthusiastic creating this website solely dedicated to one car. But I reckon Kelvin (who’s commented before on this site) is is undeniably Australia’s number 1 LE enthusiast! In addition to owning a monaro from every model ever released, he owns two LE Monaros and declared the LE to be his main passion. Hat’s off to that!

Here’s a comment Kelvin left last November:

Hi great site , I have a Monaro / Torana Museum one of each model Monaro 1968-1977 plus a CV8R. Included are my favourite 2 LE Coupes, one original right down to most of the paint 8 track wheel trims etc and one modified with fuel injection and big wheels, loud note etc. LE?s are my main passion I?ve even have an LE badge tat on my shoulder. Ive collected as many articals as I have been able to find on LE?s. Back in the mid 80?s there was an LE Register with newsletters(I have a copy of some) T shirts,sew on patches etc, if anyone has any info on this I would like to know more about it. I know 8 other LE owners really well and we have been talking about restarting the Register. thats all until I send photo?s cheers Kelvin

I asked Kelvin to send through a pic of his tattoo, and today he came through.

Here’s his story and his Tattoo. Thanks Kelvin!

Hi sorry I?ve been pre ocupied & forgot about this site, photo?s in the near future. Who is taking their LE to the Monaro Nationals in Ballarat at the end of October , I?ll be there with 2 LE?s & 2 other Monaros one of which will be a suprise to most people , but as its still being built I?ll keep it quit untill November.At the last Wangaratta nats & loxton Nats I organised a photo shoot of all the LE?s together, I will find a copy of them as well. Back to the value of LE?s I would not sell my National winning one (original)under $100,000 my modified one worth a little less but we do 20,000 km a year in it and wont part with it. thats all for now cheers Kelvin

Limited Edition Monaro Tattoo

1/18th Scale Model LE Monaro soon to be available…

Classic Carlectables have announced the release of the 1/18th scale model LE Monaro due sometime in June 2008. May / June 2008 Unique Cars magazine has a full page Ad on Page 35 and the model does look quite amazing in terms of attention to detail, both inside and out.

I’ll definitely be grabbing one when they’re released! I wonder if they’ll just run out 580 models like the original!

No word yet on price, but I imagine you won’t get much change out of $300.