Shane’s LE Monaro

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My Le Monaro story – Shane Gray from Sydney

Well where do I start?

I was not looking for a LE. I all ready had an LS Monaro and some Fords An Xy and a Xt however we won’t talk about them this is the Le story.

I was on Ebay looking for at all sorts of stuff and came across the Le. I think it was Starting at $8800 with no motor and Box.
So I rang the numbers and spoke to a young guy. My brother and I went to have a look, my brother is the ‘car man’ and I just like driving them.

I thought I better tell you why I had so many cars…

My brothers have always been into cars and I have been into the house and kids – you know what I mean.

So when I sold my house to down size to a smaller house I told the wife that I was going buy a car and have some fun.

That did not go down well anyway.

So I was buying any sort of car that I could make some money and have some fun.

This was just before the big car boom when there was cheap cars out there, not like now.

Back to the Le.

So we rock up at this work shop near bankstown and this Kid would have been 18 or 20 says ‘are you here for the car?’

So you have to remember that I have just got an Ls monaro for a steal from this old man selling it for his son for $3500.

I ended up selling that for $7000 and did not do a thing to it.

SO the le had rust in all the places that the cars have inside the car was A1 all the trim was there but no console.

There was a gear box with the car a Super T10 and some chev stuff to go with the car.

He said that the car was last rego with a 350chev and the Super t10 in the car

I don?t know if this was the case as I could not find any info at the RTA.

So we go all over the car and my brother ask me if I wanted the car or not and what price I wanted to pay for it.

We asked the guy what sort of money he was after as I had cash money that we would go straight to the bank.

He wanted $8000 so my brother offered him $4000 and he just about fell over.

He said that $8K was the price and we said that we just wanted the car not the chev stuff so we said good bye.

About a week later I sent him message on his phone and ask if we could work out something for the car without the chev stuff.

After about 6 week of him ringing me asking if I still wonted the car for $5000 and me saying I will pay $4500 and I told him I did not want the car.

He finale said $4500 and I got the Car How Lucky WAS I?!

Just think how I would feel now if I had of let the Le go!

To this day I don?t know why he kept on ringing me to buy the Car.



LE Monaro

LE Monaro on Trailer