Scott’s Le Monaro…

I have always wanted an LE since I first saw one cruising down the road. I used to collect all the “for sale” ads I found in the “Trading post” etc. I ended up with quite a few adds and in one case the same car popped up about 4 times in about 6 years. I think it started at about $9000 in 1992 to $14000 in 1998 and as far as I could tell no work was carried out on the car.


As for mine, I spotted it on eBay about 2 years ago. I’m in SA and the car was in Melbourne. I flew over and drove her back with a mate. Ran really well and the only drama being a flat tyre (retread!!!) just out of Ballarat. The wheel brace didn’t fit so I assumed we were in strife, but luckily my mate had an Uncle that lived in Ballarat so we soon got the spare on and away we went.


Nice new wheel trims Scott! Hard to get.

My LE hasn’t got the original engine in it (bit disappointed) but I feel I got it for a bargain. For the price I paid I would have been mad to let her go. I had to source a grill badge and surround for it. I also have a front spoiler for her. The addition of new wheel trims last week gives it an edge. I also have wheel arch trims but not sure if I will put them on.


I also scored and 8 track player a month ago, which is now in its original spot (not in photos).


Good looking interior too! A new 8 track has now been put in place since this photo was taken…

That’s about all I have added to the car. Everything else such as electric windows, gauges etc all work fine. Interior is very neat and tidy. Still sounds great. Eventually will get a respray but that’s in the future as I have a HQ Coupe on the go.

Those back seats look very comfy.

The number plates were a bonus as they are just the old SA plates. Luckily the car that originally had the plates was wrecked over 5 years ago. So basically I have personalised plates for a once only fee of $70. Bargain!!

            Scott Edwards

3 thoughts on “Scott’s Le Monaro…”

  1. mate great story & from the pics the LE looks really straight. I am on the lookout for one & have been for a while. Richard

  2. I have had two LE Monaro’s and the seats in yours have been recovered because they aren’t right just thought I’d let you know … Still a nice car though !!!!

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