The Le Monaro – why?

As soon as I saw it as a 10 year old in 1976, I fell in love with the 1976 HX Limited Edition Monaro. As a kid, I was spellbound by its glamourous good looks, classiness and sound!

Today the LE is beginning to be taken very seriously by collectors and enthusiasts Australia-wide. Some critics say it’s kinda slow (they’re right, it isn’t exactly a rocket ship), too luxurious and far too glamourous to be taken seriously by any classic car collector. But I think it’s one of those really special cars that gets more than its fair share of looks whenever it’s taken out of the shed.

I think it’s a beautiful car.

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Limited Edition Monaro

Below is the official version of the Le’s history from Holden’s website:

This final coupe was exceptional and exclusive enough to ensure that the original Monaro concept had an appropriate send-off. Although the limited edition LE coupe did not carry the Monaro nameplate, Holden fans regard it as a true blue member of the breed.

The LE arrived in August 1976, almost two months after the HX series release. The run of just 580 LE coupes was produced at Holden’s Pagewood plant in Sydney, which specialised in the exacting low volume assembly of luxury Statesman and Caprice models. It was a fine tribute to the Monaro heritage that these last coupes were custom-built as top-shelf Holden models.

The LE appeared with gold pinstriping and lettering over an arresting shade of metallic crimson and sported unique gold-finished 14×7-inch polycast wheels. It came with a 308, Turbo-Hydramatic and Salisbury limited slip differential only, all high-performance Monaro hardware. Outside, it featured the four headlight (quartz halogen) HX Premier front and integrated, colour-keyed front and rear spoilers. The passenger compartment combined GTS features with a walnut finish dash fascia and centre console, with crushed velour and cloth trim. Its comprehensive equipment listing included power windows, power steering, power aerial, integrated air conditioning, heated rear window, quadraphonic eight track cartridge player and tinted windows.


Photo: 1976 Limited Edition Monaro Coupe