Limited Edition Parts

I’ve set up this page to list websites where you can source those hard to find parts for your LE. If you have any suggestions, drop me a line at: chris @

Front Grill Badge: Contact Perry – he made one for my LE and it’s brilliant! Visit his website here.


6 thoughts on “Limited Edition Parts”

  1. Be CAREFULL!!!! do not pay for these grille badges up front… I did… and I never recived mine… it wasn’t cheap either…

  2. Hi John

    Mate be carefull…I purchased one of those grille badges…and I never recieved mine…I got ripped off…I chased them for ages…to no avail… they just kept stringing me along…saying we will send one when we make the next batch of badges!!!

    Cheers Don

  3. Looking at buying an Le, there is one for sale on one of the car websites claims to be stored for 10 years plus and only travelled 44,000 km’s Asking $52,000 have spoke to the guy a couple of times and sounds genuine. Do you or any other Le owners know the car, is it a good buy or possibly a lemon / scam?
    Any guidance appreciated, the car is in Minchinbury NSW while I live in WA If every thing was above board would buy it sight unseen.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Graeme.

  4. Hi everyone, looking desperately for drivers side arm rest for Le Coupe HX Q1976, can anyone help pls. X

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