Limited Edition Monaro for sale

hx-le-308.jpgThis is Sam’s LE Monaro, for pictures, click here.

1976 HX LE 160000k. Has had respray many years ago. Paint still in vgc, has no rust and has never had any rust. Has 8 track fitted but not wired up, comes with 8 track wiring harness.

Motor done less than 5000k since rebuild, runs very well. Sounds like it may have a stage one cam fitted but not sure. AC all there but not working, would need gas. Missing original walnut dash facia has immitation woodgrain one instead. Rarely driven just sits in shed covered up. Reason for sale, travelling oz soon need the funds to finance long period of time not working.

Price, a car is worth what someone is willing to pay. So am going to start at $80000 and go from there, will not be offended by any reasonable offer.

Regards Sam.

Contact details- 08 9841 1419- 0428 513 582- email:

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  1. Do you have any idea on how many LE’s that may still be with us.
    Are you sure of the production numbers?

  2. I am sure I read somewhere back in 1979 that they made 604 LE’s.
    Do you know exactly what model Rochester carb and inlet manifold as I believe mine is not the correct one.

  3. my old man has recently been left a hx le monaro last registered in 1993 been in storage on a farm since then so has the usual rust spots the worst being under the front windscreen, the boot and floor pans are like new, interior is in excellent condition except top of back seat has got brittle and faded a bit still has 8 track player and all original running gear but had a new exhaust put on to drive from viv to tas in 93 has 70,000 kms on the clock and runs like a dream we are asking 30 – 35,000 for it which i think is reasonable will need a respray as paint has been rubbed back from being under a cover for 20 years runs and sounds very well write back if you know of anyone interested we have had a few offers already and the recent muscle car buyers guide states in the last few years they are harder to find prices excellent condition at 45 – 55,000 and 32,000 for reasonable condition would be interested in some feedback cheers shane biernacki tasmania for any info

  4. trying to contact Shane biernacki regarding his Monaro le .

    please contact me on 0414766753

    kind regards


  5. G’day everyone
    I’ve got a LE for sale it’s been re sprayed interior has been redone just needs a few finishing touches engine and transmission has been rebuilt it also has a 9 inch diff as previously said just needs a few finishing touches. I am chasing about 40k if any one is interested.

  6. Have “wanted” an LE in my garage since I was 18…. if anyone is selling please do not hesitate to contact me via this page…


  7. im sick of people advertising their le for sale but leaving no contact details or never responding to my and others requests for contact info, personally, I think they are all bluffs!
    we have made numerous requests for ” looking for an le”.

    our message remains and no one has contacted myself, yet they seem to post that they have one for sale! call me if you do 0414766753!
    no phantoms please!

  8. Hi Tony, just come across this web site, I have a fully restored LE with some added performance modifications , however still is very originally , I will be putting it on the market in the next couple of weeks, is this a site I could advertise.
    Please don’t give out email.

  9. People.STOP calling the LE Coupe a Monaro. It isnt a Monaro. It never was and never will be a Monaro. Its actually a rare car because of that fact. Holden owns the rights to the name and opted to call this excellent looking car an LE Coupe. I would love to buy and park one beside my actual 1976 HX GTS Monaro.

  10. I have an le monaro for sale. It is pulled apart and needs full retoration fairly solid car with minimal rust . Will get some pics when i sort it all out seems to be all there .asking 20k Genuine calls only 0408550850

  11. Sold my old mans Monaro for 30 grand which is what we were asking for sorry about not replying to emails but 90% of the people who I did reply to were tyre kickers and wanted to pay no more than 15 so good luck to the people searching im happy with the sale and so is the new owner

  12. Lance, did you end up finding. Buyer for the modified Le ?

    Les, is your on the market ?

    Please call me if any of these LE’s are on the market still. Would consider any condition …

    Tony H

  13. I have sold my LE thats advertised above but cant seem to delete the ad ! Can someone remove it for me please . Thanks in advance .Les

  14. Hi guys it’s tony again
    I’m still looking for an Le
    Even a honest project.
    Preferably in restored
    No phantoms please!!

    I’ll even look at other Monaro variants

    Cash is ready to go!

    Thank again
    Tony 0414766753

  15. I have a HX LE, fully original, (not restored and not in need of restoring) and in very good condition.
    It is for sale, as I do want it sold!
    I have a letter from GMH certifying its originality.
    $75K, please call Glenn for further details 0408 955 422

  16. looking to purchase genuine le monaro ,must have all matching numbers , immaculate condition ,and authenticity paperwork genuine buyer,i am a private buyer,looking for the right vehicle,please contact me if you have this vehicle.

  17. I have a lecoupe with honeycombe rims for sale. Pls contact me on 0423860627 if interested. Many thanks

  18. I have a genuine 1owner le coupe.matching numbers and build no.8. Whats it worth.100 percent original..looks like it has rolled of the show room floor. ?

  19. Hello Brendan,

    I am looking for an original LE coupe.
    Do you have the original sales docket, books, warranty certificate etc.
    Call me if you have the genuine article and want to sell.

  20. Hi All , just after a genuine l
    LE Monaro if you know of anyone with one give me a call 0412691312

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