LE Monaro Videos

Here’s a bunch of Video’s of LE’s I’ve found on YouTube etc…

This car is a little faster than mine!

This video shows the heritage of the Monaro, from the beginning to the latest models released by GMH.

One thought on “LE Monaro Videos”

  1. Chris, great web site about a great car. I just noticed there is a picture of my then brand new 1972 Nutmeg Metallic HQ GTS coupe, taken on the front lawn of my home in Adelaide. Best thing is, I still own the car! A one owner treasure, still with original paint and interior that has given me 38 years of driving pleasure. Today I get asked why did I buy a ” brown” Monaro? Well your picture answers that question again for me – it isn’t brown it is Nutmeg Metallic – a stunning colour in 1972 and extraordinarily rare today.

    Keep up the good work with the LE website


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