Craig’s LE Monaro

Here’s Craig’s story (for now and more to come…),I am lucky enough to be an owner of one of these Prestigious Pieces of Motoring History. I have been approached at fuel stations, car club meets, the beach, everywhere, and asked about the car. It’s nice to know they are respected as a part of Motoring in the ’70’s , as they certainly have the look. So many people I speak to remember them being released, the Gold honeycomb wheels always the big give away!.

The LE was the only coupe produced in the HX range, and was equipped with all the GTS go fast gear of the day, but in a package that was so Quintessential to the 70’s, that it typified that well known expression of “having your cake, and eating it too”.

Me, I love them !!

I was also 10 when the LE came out, and always wanted one.  I am from Perth and purchased mine from Sydney in May 2006. The car was originally purchased in Melbourne, I purchased the vehicle from the 3rd owner in Campbelltown, Sydney ….. I will give you a better story later, I will contact the 3rd owner who knows much more next week.







Lovely LE Craig!

If you’d like to have your LE featured here, Email me! Too easy.

4 thoughts on “Craig’s LE Monaro”

  1. Hi Craig I love your LE there is something about it, It looks very clean and has a good flow, if you are ever considering to sell please let me know, Chris has my contact details, cheers.

    Joe Silvestri

  2. HI Craig
    Looks good, just finished our LE resto we are trying to get to WA for the Nationals in OCT 2012 hope we can catch up
    Andrew K

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