Club registration

I was down at San Remo, Victoria (the little township before you head across the bridge to Philip Island) over the Christmas break with the Fam.

There was a car show with heaps of old fords and monaro’s etc, plus a bunch of American muscle cars.

I saw quite a few cars with Club registration and it turns out that it’s a lot cheaper to join a car club and then register your car with Vicroads. You can drive your car 45 times a year for any purpose which is about 43 times more than I normally drive the car annually. Having just shelled out almost $700 for normal registration in November, Club registration is an excellent option!

I’m in the process of applying to the Victorian Monaro Club – the only issue is I don’t have a nominee! If anyone out there could let me know if they’d be ok to act as a nominee I’d be really grateful…


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