Brand new LE Monaro 14 inch rims for sale on ebay

One of the main problems when restoring a LE Monaro is trying to source dress rims, especially brand new ones.

Luckily there’s a company in the United States that sells what I think are reproduction units on ebay. I haven’t bought them so I’m not 100% sure if they’ll fit ok, but might be worth a shot!

LE Monaro 14 inch dress rims

I also bought some brand new centre caps for about $100 last year. I use a company called where I ship the products I buy from eBay or Amazon to them in the United States and then they on-ship them to me in Australia. It does look like these sellers will ship to Australia so it might be cheaper to go with direct shipping from them.

Hope this helps!

Club registration

I was down at San Remo, Victoria (the little township before you head across the bridge to Philip Island) over the Christmas break with the Fam.

There was a car show with heaps of old fords and monaro’s etc, plus a bunch of American muscle cars.

I saw quite a few cars with Club registration and it turns out that it’s a lot cheaper to join a car club and then register your car with Vicroads. You can drive your car 45 times a year for any purpose which is about 43 times more than I normally drive the car annually. Having just shelled out almost $700 for normal registration in November, Club registration is an excellent option!

I’m in the process of applying to the Victorian Monaro Club – the only issue is I don’t have a nominee! If anyone out there could let me know if they’d be ok to act as a nominee I’d be really grateful…