Bruce’s LE Monaro

Hi Chris

Here’s my story… in 1980 I had a beautiful LS Monaro which no one was allowed to drive but myself. Anyway one night I broke the rule and allowed my future wife to drive it, that was the last time anyone drove it, she wrote it off.

I had made myself a promise that one day I would buy another monaro and in 2003 I got the chance. I purchased this lovely LE in Maryborough Qld, for $12,000 completely original with the exception of the wheels. I have the honeycomb’s stored away but prefer the dragways.

Limited edition Monaro

She has only done 134,000kms and drives as good as my VZ.

Since owning her she has not seen water or been out at night.

My wife has not asked to drive it and never will.

A recent offer of $60,000 has been turned down mainly because I am just not ready to part with her…

Limited edition Monaro

We showed her at the Caloundra classic/burn out show one year and pictures of her ended up in just holden. Not sure who took them but was really stoked when a friend showed me the magazine.

She was lonely sitting in the garage all alone so In 2006 I found her a mate, alovely EH premier.

Here they are together…

LE Monaro and EH Holden together


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