Andrew needs help with a question about LE monaro speakers…

Please see the email thread below!

Help if you can.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply!

The oval speaker in the dash centre that I’m talking about is just the standard single speaker that was put in with the most basic radio package. It’s not easy to take a photo from under the dash as you pretty much have to dismantle the dashboard (console out, ventilation ducts out) to see it clearly. If you look at the top of the dash, though, you can clearly see the grille above it. Is that clearer?

I was talking to the other dude (another Andrew) yesterday and mentioned that I’d asked you this question. He’s still pretty adamant that his car didn’t have them. I wonder if it was one of those cases of “ah, shit, we’ve run out of the part…never mind, just ship it without”??? He says the kick panels he has appear original and don’t have cutouts. Conversely, my kick panels *also* appear original, have and the same (crap) speakers that are mounted in the parcel shelf along with the same grilles. So I dunno…

Go ahead and post my question to the site! I was looking for a way to do it myself but I couldn’t find it.

Cheers – Andrew
Subject: RE: Question!
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 22:14:25 +1000
Hi Andrew,

Awesome question, will do some investigation and come back to you asap. Everything seems right except for a 1x oval speaker mounted in the centre of the dash… Can you send me a pic?

I’m almost 100% certain your friend is incorrect; from the factory there were always 4 speakers, 2 in the rear parcel and 2 in the kick panels (front passenger side and driver side) to take advantage of the 4 channel ‘quadraphonic’ sound experience! However, now you’ve asked the question, small doubts are creeping into my mind…! I want to double check to be sure.

Anyway, If I get stuck would it be ok to post your question on the site so other LE fans can answer it?

Cheers and thanks again for the question…


Subject: Question!

Hey Chris,

Stumbled on your LE Monaro site, good stuff!

I have a question about the original sound system(s) in LEs, that came up on the weekend.

I have an LE which had, when I got it:
– original AM radio, with 1x oval speaker mounted in the centre of the dash and a round rear speaker mounted in the centre of the parcel shelf. The F/R fader is in the dash next to the lighter.
– original 8 track, with 4 oval speakers: front 2 in the kick panels, rear 2 in the parcel shelf. They all looked original to me…

Now my friend is just finishing a rebuild on his LE and swears blind that his original kick panels had no speakers and the 8 track only ever had (from the factory) the two rear parcel shelf speakers.

So the question is, do you know which is factory correct?

Cheers – Andrew

Ken’s got in touch!

Hi Chris

Ken from Brisbane here -just been browsing your site, good stuff.

I’m 45 now and clearly recall in 1976 seeing one at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. I turned to my dad an said, that’s what I want to own one day.

Well I’m getting closer to making that a reality, ebay helps, but also hinders. If ever you hear of one unmolested coming up, let me know, Its been in my blood since 1976.

My first car was a Maroon HJ Deville which I optioned over to a Caprice ( can you see it coming through in me?) but it had to go when the kids were born. THats in the photo



NZ LE question, please help!

I received this email this morning…

hi chris, rob and christine allen from nz here we have a fully restored le and an original ls id love to find out more regarding sourcing le bits as ours is missing a couple of them otherwise its like new-onlly 80k on the clock weve owned it 14yrs

kind regards rob and christine allen.

Rob, I’d recommend joining the following facebook Fan Page (if you haven’t already) and asking folks there about specific parts you’re sourcing.

Probably the hardest parts to find are the 14″ pontiac wheel trims.