Annette’s LE Monaro

This is Annette’s story!

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to share with you our LE Coupe that we have sitting in our shed.

We found our LE Coupe for sale on EBay in early 2010. I was a 19 year old working Fly In Fly Out at the time and remember logging onto my EBay account to find there was an expensive car sitting in my watch list. Turns out my Father had figured out my EBay password and hopped on to contact the guy and “watch the item” which was a HX LE Coupe! Benny Denilliqua who owned the car was living in Victoria at the time and we are in WA, so we had the President of the Victorian Monaro Club check over the vehicle for us. Once we found out how great the condition was, we offered him $5000 more then what he was selling it for so he would take it off EBay. You know how once you find that car you really want, you’ll do anything to get it? That’s how we felt at that moment.

We had the car picked up and trucked over to WA. With the car came every original document, we have the original manuals and guides, original number plates, original manual for the 8 stacker, documents on services. The only part of this car that is not original is the Cobra car alarm!

The only work we’ve had done to the car was having it repainted. We live close to the ocean and due to the proximity we couldn’t bring ourselves to let it get any rust in it. So we took it to our local spray painter who made sure everything was exactly the same. We also brought the silver rings for the wheels whilst in Pennsylvania last year, boy are they fun to fit! (If anyone is looking for these silver rings feel free to get in contact with me, we know where to find them over in the States).

Now, this car is very special to us and it comes with a great story. The car was produced on the 6th of October 1976 and shipped from Sydney to John Hellers Holden Dealership in SA, there on the 18th of October 1976 it was sold to a Mrs Z.P. Connell. She held on to it and barely drove it after her husband passed away. Finally in 2009 it was found under a tarp and sold which is apparently how Benny came to own it. How do you know if a car belonged to a Woman? When the car was stripped for repainting, we found over 60 hair clips in the car and under the carpet!

This car is our treasure currently it is sitting at 95,280k’s on the clock, and yes you read that right! After Mrs Connells’ husband passed away the car was barely driven, and Benny only held onto it for less than a year before it came into our possession. It gets driven about 1% of the year, it goes on a few Steel Bumper Car Cruises and maybe to a handful of car shows in WA.

This is a car that will be in our family for a very long time. When we go on our cruises my father takes his WB Panelvan, my brother goes in his LX Torana (turned into a SLR5000 replica), and I in our LE Coupe. When it comes time the Coupe will come into my possession and I have already been warned that if I were to sell it, I’d be haunted for life, which I have no plans to. There is nothing like a Sunday cruise in the LE, windows down listening to the grunt of the old 308.

Can’t wait to read some more stories that pop up!





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