Andrew’s LE Monaro

This is Andy’s story…

I live in Perth and have owned my LE for a few years now. I bought it unregistered and apparently i am the fourth owner.

It started out in Albury/Wodonga area then was owned by a member of the Monaro club of NSW. A guy in Perth then got his hands on it and brought it west, and in storage for a number of years. Initially I did not want it, as I wanted to make a hot rod type of car (blown engine etc.) but its originality grew on me and I took it on.

It has zero rust and only a few minor marks on the body; the paint is ok except for a lot of stone chips on the front end (a lot of country travel I guess). It is overall in excellent condition and totally original including the 8 track player, chrome wheel trims were sourced from USA, and a new grill badge.

The LE passed over the pits with minimal fuss and only driven on club and oldholden runs.



Photo: Andrew’s LE, certainly one of the best in Australia.

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4 thoughts on “Andrew’s LE Monaro”

  1. hi from ireland my name is ray i live in county mayo ireland and i have a very nice clean manaro le that i baught in dandong melborn 5 years ago i love my car its the only one in ireland

  2. Wanting to buy a Monaro Le 76 for my hubby. Wether it’s a dusty barn find or someone that wants to sell their baby, or if you know of someone that what’s to sell theirs, please contact me on Thankyou

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