Sam & Kaylene’s LE Monaro

Gday Le lovers!

Thought I would add a short story and a coupla photos of the wifes car.

We purchased our Le in June 2006, we saw the add in the local auto trader and thought we might have a look. At the time we werent actually looking to buy an Le,. So we didn’t rush out and have a look. 

The next day I was driving round to my mates place, just happened to look out the passenger window and there was an Le sitting on this blokes front lawn. Thinking this must be a sign I stopped and went and had a look. We checked all the numbers with the national holden museum and they all checked out, so a week later she was ours.

We found out that our Le was originally from sunshine in Melbourne, a Greek fella stripped her down and rebuilt it, then sold it to the fella we bought it off.

The Le was in good nic, having never had any rust in it and no rust repairs. The interior also was in good condition only missing the 8 track and the walnut dash facia.

The only mods done to the car are the lowered springs, and the usual 245, 265 tires to give it that 80’s look.

The judges at our local show and shine obviously like the look as well, as it won runner up top standard production in September this year.

All in all she is a beautiful car and if someone comes up with the right amount of cash, she will be missed.

This is a great site about a great car, may the value of these cars keep skyrocketing they are definitely worth every cent.

Regards Sam and Kaylene.







What an Ace LE! (and i quite like the white munro as well – just quietly). If you’d like your LE shown on these pages, drop me a line – cheers!

8 thoughts on “Sam & Kaylene’s LE Monaro”

  1. I have been looking for an LE for some time to keep for the rest of my life, if any LE owners are thinking of selling I would be very interested in any straight, original LE. It would be cherished, and kept a clean country garage. Kind rgs, Richard 0404 454 143

  2. Hi, I am looking to buy a HX LE Holden Monaro. Do you know of any for sale. Please phone Rod on 0417262351.

  3. Hi ! Looking to buy a HX LE . Modified or original . Please call Tony if you are looking to sell. 0418853835

  4. Le all matching numbers motor internally rebuilt a month new exhaust , original numbe plates at vicroads ,original interior original wheels go with it call 0407854272

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